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¿What are the most relevant advantages
over other similar technologies?

Characteristic of conventional Technology Recirculation and Reuse

Problems or deficiencies detected
In traditional Recirculation and Reuse System

Improvement or Solution Proposed by our
Individual Technology for Recirculation and Reuse 

  • Water treatment in common


  • Low rate of change of water inside the tank.


  • Water pumping more than 2 mca between equipment


  • Exclusive equipment for Degassing


  • Exclusive equipment for oxygenating


  • The purchase of liquid oxygen to inject into the system


  • All associated civil works


  • Project engineering and construction

  • High risk of horizontal transmission of disease


  • Higher levels of CO2 directly into the water of the fish


  • Large power consumption and large number of engines


  • Extra pressure pumping and investment in equipment


  • Extra pressure pumping and investment in equipment


  • > Operational Cost


  • > Investment Cost


  • > Investment Cost

  • Individual water treatment per tank 


  • Degassing inside the tank production and high water flow


  • Air pump that moves water with a high flow rate and lower power consumption, 40% less than traditional systems.


  • Using the same air pump that moves the water, as degassing equipment


  • Using the same air pump that moves the water, as oxygenating equipment


  • The oxygen is obtained from the air


  • Construction system on the floor level


  • Applicable to existing infrastructure

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