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RASChile Ltda, is a Chilean company with focus on innovation in water treatment for Aquaculture System, with high efficiency and sustainability.


Formed by professionals in the field of Aquaculture and Plastics Engineering, with 15 years of experience in Design and Fish Production, allowing us to develop projects integrally from the design up to construction.


RasChile owns an innovative development in Air pumps and Self Cleaning Static Filters, unique in the market.


  • Transparency: Honesty in our relationship with our partners, customers, and within the team.

  • Collaboration: Teamwork with our partners, customers and between our employees, it is the pillar of the sense of belonging to the project company, one of the most important ways of ensuring success.

  • Efficiency: Identify on the Design and Equipment, the minimum energy consumption for optimal operation.


  • Become a global supplier of technology on Reuse and Recirculation of high electrical efficiency for any aquaculture species.


  • To be technologically a reference  in the development of farming technologies with high energy efficiency in the industry of the Global Aquaculture.


  • The team is led by professionals with extensive experience in Fish Farming and Aquaculture design  facilities also is complemented by specialist personnel in hydraulics construction of high manufacturing experience using plastic materials such as HDPE, PP, PVC, which gives a constructive ductility on hydraulic conduction and hatcheries.

  • The customer values:

    - Ease to implement.

    - Low power consumption.

    - Easy operation.

  • Our offer is distinguished by:

    - Easy implementation in operating facilities. (No need to start from the beginning)

    - Low power consumption.

    - Simplicity in operation and maintenance. (One single electric motor)

    - Low Cost of Investment

  • With our technology our customers can:

    - Operate facilities, which for various reasons do not have enough water resources at a low investment and low operational cost.

    - Increase production capacity of its facilities with less water resource, at a low operating cost and low investment.


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